Sponsorship and advertising

We understand the complex and synergetic relationship between media and advertising. We can develop bespoke media packages to achieve client objectives.

Through our international networks we ensure that the optimal solution can be delivered efficiently and effectively using some of our ground-breaking digital technology. 

​Advertising glass

Advertising Glass is the most stunning LED window display signage on the market. It is brighter than daylight, 80% transparent and gives you the ability to have the most visible call to action in the street. These can even be network updated for instant chain store content deployment.


Media ownership

We are a media owner providing exciting advertising solutions for clients and brands looking to attract and engage consumers in various industries and sectors. 

Production and Television

Medife Media division is uniquely positioned as international media content brokers. We work with television networks and production houses to deliver premier content to maximise sponsorship and advertising revenues. 

Video Wall

Our NEW LCD tiling video wall displays have the narrowest bezel, now as small as 5.3mm pixel-to-pixel gap between images on adjacent panels. All our Video Wall products have full high definition displays (1080p).

They can be used as a single unit or as part of a tiled wall. Unique frame correlation function can eliminate the staggering of animage caused by the bezel. All screens in the LCD tiling video wall are controlled by software.