Bluetooth, Wifi and NFC

Bluetooth marketing is a form of Proximity mobile marketing that allows businesses to send adverts to mobile/cell phones for free. This is achieved using an Ad-Pod which is a dedicated Bluetooth and Wifi sending device that enables the free transfer of content between mobile devices using the Bluetooth and Wifi signal. The transfer of the adverts is free for both the sender and receiver.

​Advertising glass

Advertising Glass is the most stunning LED window display signage on the market. It is brighter than daylight, 80% transparent and gives you the ability to have the most visible call to action in the street. These can even be network updated for instant chain store content deployment.


Digital Marketing

We are suppliers of digital marketing technology. Using cutting-edge techniques we seamlessly integrate marketing and the digital worlds.

Technology and hardware

Marketing is becoming increasingly complex, due to shorter product life cycles, diversification and the need for more personalised communication through new digital channels. Maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing efforts can make your campaigns much more streamlined and useful..


The Ad-Pod Plus is our latest and greatest pod. This is a Bluetooth and Wifi marketing system. It enables you to set up a Wifi hotspot where people can download content over the Wifi signal in their phones. This is excellent for all smartphone users like iPhone, Android and Blackberry. This is a number 1 selling unit as it is incredibly easy to use and gives almost 95% compatibility to every mobile phone on the market.